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Adresa dílny

Jawa Factory

U Trati 44

Praha - Strašnice

Česká republika

Středa až Pátek

17:00 - 22:00

Sobota a Neděle

9:00 - 22:00

po předchozí rezervaci

IČ: 10858300

Zapsáno u městského soudu v Praze, oddíl C, 349680.

Fushka Lab s.r.o.

DIČ: CZ10858300

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Teambuilding v Praze

the foundation of
your organization.

Make, have fun and bond with teambuildings at Fushka.

Great for small teams of 3 to 12 people.

Break from the online world.

No woodworking experience required.

Excellent specialty coffee.

Teambuilding Praha
Teambuilding v Praze
Teambuilding Praha
Teambuilding v Praze
Teambuilding v Praze

I consider Fushka to be a great opportunity to forget about laptops and mobile phones for a while and recharge your batteries. The time spent in Fushka was delightful and our hand made cutting boards will surely serve for many years. 

Pavel Hrdlička   |  CEO   |  Foxentry

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Prices start under two thousand CZK per person. The final price depends mainly on the number of participants but also on the project you will be making. The choice of wood and other optional services also affect the price.

We will be happy to prepare a quote for you, just fill in the form below

Where and when does it take place?

The workshop is located in Praha - Strašnice, close to the tram station Radošovická.

We are flexible in terms of time of your event. We can run it on Monday morning or Saturday afternoon. It's up to you. You can expect the whole event to take 4-6 hours.

Is it suitable for bigger teams?

Considering the size and equipment of the workshop, teambuildings at Fushka are particularly suitable for teams of 3 to 12 people.

Contact us if there are more of you and we will offer you a suitable solution.

What can we make?

Each participant will take home a cutting board made of solid wood (based on the OLÍK Project). Depending on the number of participants, projects can be combined within the group.

Take a look at the projects we offer.

Are there any refreshments included?

Absolutely! Everybody likes 🍕, right? We also have a coffee corner with excellent specialty coffee so don't worry about running out of energy!

Optionally, you can head out to have a lunch in any of the nearby restaurants.

Can we do results presentation at Fushka?

Yes! The agenda can be tailored to your needs. For example, you can start off with the presentation of quarterly results and then continue with the teambuilding event.

Trainings, after-party, ... anything's possible.

What do I take with me?


Dress comfortably and wear proper shoes (sneakers are fine). Everything else will be provided by us.

Where is Fushka? 


Fushka is located on the first floor of the former JAWA factory. The entrance is in the courtyard accessible from the main street V Korytech.

Is there a parking place? 


There is a very limited number of parking spaces on site. You can park in the street U Trati, it takes 3 minutes from there.

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